We made the decision to hold off on starting the truck and test driving, and get the paint done first. 

We did this because its about to get very cold here in Idaho, and the snow will certainly begin to fly.  With the truck painted we could then install the glass and weather stripping around the door to make test-driving a bit more comfortable. 

Also, we need to park our daily drivers in the garage.  With the Gorilla in the garage, we can get our Suburban in along side, however, it is too tight to work on the Gorilla with the second vehicle inside.

You can see from the photos that we pulled off all the lights, door handles, rear fenders, etc.  We wanted to make it a little cheaper for the paint shop to do its job.

The most recent photos of our truck on the left show the truck returning from the paint shop in a nice stealthy, semi-flat graphite black with a clear sealant.  We can't wait to see it with glass.
Above you can see our right side viewing mirror.  We installed it after receiving the truck back from the paint shop.  We purchased two new Jeep Wrangler mirrors, drilled and tapped the upper right door hinge after the pattern of the mirrow mount, and then shortened the Wrangler mounting screws so we didn't have to go through any fiberglass.  The hinge metal is thick enough to give us four threads of engagement.  We also found that we needed to grind the mirror mount stiffeners on the underside of the mount to get good clearance over the door-to-hinge mounting screws.  After we improved the clearance we got a good solid fit, and we think the mirrors look great.  We opted to go this route because the paints matched so well, and we didn't really want to compromise the fiberglass with any more holes.  In the final analysis the mirrors look sharp, but it would have been even better to have larger mirrors.  By the way, we purchased our Wrangler mirrors from J.C. Whitney.