Seats and Cup Holders
It's hard to see black on black, but the gas tank is fully installed and can be seen just forward of the bumper and receiver hitch.  We mounted the skid pan by fastening it to a 2-inch angle iron cross-piece just forward of the bumper, and to a stock cross-member and two small angle iron sections.  We used all stainless steel hardware and ny-lock fasteners.  We thought the installation was very simple.  We only wish we had twice the fuel storage capacity.  21-gallons at 10 mpg wont let us go far before refueling.  We have an idea to get past this, but first-thing's-first; finish the build and get it on the road!
This is an extra large, after market Jeep Wrangler gas tank with a 21-gallon capacity.  It is sitting in a Wrangler skid pan with extension panels for the over-sized tank.  The manufacturer of the tank and skidpan is MTS Incorporated.  They can be found on the internet or in JC Whitney.
The extension panels were bolted to angle iron that was pre-positioned under the Gorilla pick-up bed.  One piece of angle-iron was mounted as a cross-piece just forward of the bumper on the inside of the frame rails.  The other two small pieces of angle-iron were mounted to an existing cross-member that was the original forward mounting point for the stock gas-tank straps on our donor Suburban.
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