Donor Parts and Miscelaneous Information
Donor Parts

We kept the following parts from our 1986 3/4-Ton Suburban:

*Master Cylinder
*Gas Pedal
*Brake Pedal
#Carburetor and Cruise Control
All engine accessories (*A/C Compressor, *Alternator, #Power Steering Pump, *Water Pump, #Carburetor, *Vacuum Bowl, #Radiator, #A/C Condenser, #Entire Ventilation System, #Steering Column, and #Wiring Harness.

* Indicates we actually used the component in our final build.

# Indicates we used these components for mock-up in the build, but eventually discarded them for new components, or we decided we didn't need them.

There were some other parts we wished we had kept, but didn't:

Fuel tank sender
Vapor Canister

We used a wide variety of suppliers for our project.  We have listed the most important suppliers below:

Summit Racing                                                                       

JC Whitney                                                                              

LMC Truck (OEM parts for classic trucks like the Suburban)

Northern Tool and Equipment                                               

AutoZone (Reconditioned 350 V-8 and electrical components)

NAPA Auto Parts (electrical components)

Lowe's (Stainless Steel and Grade 5 Fasteners, tubing,
              angle iron, weld-stock, saw blades, grinding wheels,
              industrial adhesives, etc.)
Gas Tank and Skid Pan