This is the Urban Gorilla-supplied dog house after we got hold of it.  We used hole saws, saber saws and a die grinder to make our openings.  The speaker openings required an odd size (4.9 inches), so we cut a 4.5" hole and enlarged it with a saber saw and deburring grinder.  The speaker holes weren't as easy as the others.  We also drilled some holes for the various screws and fasteners needed for our accessories.  After that we hand-sanded the fiberglass, primered, sanded again, primered again, then put on a black lacquer spray.  We sanded that black lacquer finish once, and re-sprayed it.

Once dry, we installed all the various accessories, and some polished aluminum diamond tread, and ended up with the black and chrome-like design below.  Just what we were after.
As you can see above, our glove box was made from square tubing and some 18-gage steel sheet that we had laying around.  We fastened the box to the under-side of the dog house and made a polished aluminum diamond tread plate for the door.  Our ventilation accessories were purchased from Aircraft Spruce (ACS), and are 2", aluminum eyeball sockets.  They twist open and shut, and point up to 60 degrees in any direction.  On the back of the ventilators is an ACS-supplied adapter that allows mating the ventilation ducting to the ventilator.

We chose a black and chrome-like radio scheme to stay as close as possible to our black and chrome them.  It is a low-end sound system, but we never really had an appreciation for those things.  Once we are finished with the interior carpeting and the seats are ready to be re-installed, we will connect all the air conditioning and sound accessories, and complete the dog house installation.
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