We unexpectedly needed to move to Idaho for family medical circumstances in July of 2004.  This caused us a dilemma with our Gorilla project.  A commercial carrier wanted $2000 for the Gorilla's relocation.  Too much!  In the end, we felt like the most economical way to move it across country, unfinished, and un-glassed, was to use a tow dolly. 

Our project was a full 84-1/2 inches wide and wouldn't fit on any trailers that we could rent or borrow, one-way.  The widest tow dolly was 80 inches, but we were able to make our project fit with stock wheels and tires up front.  We had two inches to spare on both sides. 

The tow dolly was a heavy duty Stehl Tow with electric brakes.  It was used.  We bought it for $900 dollars. 

Next we loaded about a ton of tools and parts into the Gorilla and towed it to the local marina where friends shrink-wrapped our vehicle.  With a pair of magnetic turn and brake signals we set off for Idaho from Ohio.  We decided to take the high road (I-80 to I-90), and went across the top of the United States.  We even crossed the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, and went through Yellowstone National Park, down to the Tetons, and then across to Idaho Falls.  Total trip was 1800 miles. 

We sold the tow dolly as soon as we got our Gorilla into our new garage.  The tow dolly went for $750.  The shrink wrap was $275.  Altogether we spent less than $500 for the tow.  That's a far cry better than $2000, and we got to show off our truck for 1800 miles.
Headliner, Wiper Motors and Ceiling Lights