Our brush guard was designed and built by us for two reasons:

First, we wanted to make the front end and grill look more aggressive so we are putting plenty of angles on our guard, and we are not using round pipe.  We chose 1-inch, square, thin-wall tubing to increase the angular appearance. 

Second, we have some stainless steel Summit Off-Road Racing lights that mount between the headlights on the bottom brush guard rail.

Welding with a stick on the thin-wall tubing was tough in the beginning.  We finally got down to the right size rod, and used 40-amps.  We still blew a couple holes here and there, but we built them back up with rod, and began to slowly develop our welding skills.

The brush guard has a raked top rail that angles back over the top of the hood to protect the top intake grill, and the center section has additional tubing installed on an angle that nearly matches the hood grill lines.